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MODESK, s.r.o. / Korunni 2569/108 / 101 00 Prague 10 / Czech Republic

MODESK® Makes You Stand Out!

MODESK® represents a brand-new working experience to your offices. It is time to change your desk.


We are not pretending you will get anything else than what you might expect. We are not playing games with you, we at MODESK® are always honest with our customers and the highes Customer and user experience is our goal.


Timeless design. Even with sit-2-stand tables, you do not have to make any compromises. With MODESK®, you get an elegant, yet modern piece of table that will make every office stand out from the grey average.


One size does not fit all, that is our motto, here at MODESK®! Adjust your table to your needs – be it proper ergonomic sitting necessary for your everyday work or healthy working in standing position. Or you can use the potential of MODESK® to its maximum by changing the team working dynamics.


As each of us is original, so can be also your MODESK®. Choose from the variety of decors, materials, textile panels for your MODESK® legs or choose a practical cabinet that can be built-in right into your MODESK®.

MODESK® is a new way of thinking of sit-2-stand tables. You can finally get TOP design, functionality and TOP quality with a brand-new sit-to-stand table that meets all you might need from your working desk!